Online Anonymity and Privacy

I’ve created a document containing a collection of tips, resources, and services that are useful to protect your anonymity and privacy, I’ll link it below.

The most important rule is to fly under the radar. Don’t reveal your identity, and don’t reveal your nationality if possible (this can be difficult if your native language is known). Finally, be prepared for your computer to be confiscated and to be prosecuted under the full extend of the law.
The following steps are important:
1) Encrypt sensitive data. 
2) Use https enabled online services.
For example, move away from services like Hotmail that do not use https, and instead use Gmail.
As observant readers may have noticed Blogspot no longer supports https, this being the case I will from now on be posting updates on the European Indigenous Rights Archive in the Announcements section.
All new posts will be announced from my Google Plus page, where you can subscribe and leave comments.

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