Is Resisting Genocide a Human Right?

This seems like a simple question with a simple answer, but back in 2006 three people wrote a large article about the subject, quoting close to 300 sources to support their argumentation. Their analysis bears a strong resemblance to the European situation, and supports the view that the Cultural Marxist ideology is creating an environment where Europeans can become the victim of genocide.

Is resisting genocide a human right?

By studying past and current genocides they have found several pre-cursors to genocide, some of which are:

  1. Undemocratic rule
  2. Suppression of the free press
  3. Active incitement of hatred against minority groups

Cultural Marxist nations are known to suppress free press or have a monopoly on the press, which in modern times is best known as the mainstream media. With this totalitarian control over the media there is no criticism about the lack of free press and freedom of speech, or that only politically correct parties are allowed to participate in the democratic process.

While Europeans are a majority group they are the victim of incitement of hatred, with European males being characterized as an oppressive parasitic upper class. This doesn’t bode well as Europeans  will become a minority in the near future due to low birth rates, combined with mass immigration.

They further analyze the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states:

Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression

The language is weird, and the declaration itself is a joke, but for the sake of argument it does support the right to resist your own genocide.

The document goes into great detail about the right to bear arms as a means to defend against genocide, and takes note that the disarmament of a population is a direct pre-cursor to all major genocides.

South Africa is perhaps the best modern example of disarmament of a vulnerable population group by their government.  Possession of an illegal weapon is punishable by 15 years imprisonment. Semi-automatic weapons are banned and you’re only allowed to have one weapon. The waiting time for a permit can be as long as 5 years, meaning your permit will have expired by the time you get it. Any application will be rejected if the government determines there is a lack of need to possess a weapon. People younger than 27 are automatically denied for being too young. As a result from 1999 to 2007, the number of legal gun owners in South Africa fell by 44 percent. There is a vibrant black market for illegal weapons, and in African fashion, most of those weapons come from army stockpiles.

The Genocide Convention prohibits more than the direct killing of humans. Other actions can constitute genocide, for example, rape would not normally be genocide, but if a commander promoted the widespread rape of a civilian population — with the intent of preventing normal reproduction by that population — then the pattern of rape could constitute genocide.

This leaves one to wonder if it’s genocide when a government was to promote miscegenation (race mixing) by making it appear as normal in movies, claims mixed-race children are healthier while ignoring scientific evidence of increased mental instability, claims mixed-race children are more attractive by promoting attractive mixed race models and declaring race-mix central, Brazil, as having the most beautiful women on earth, while aggressively oppressing any criticism of the practice. To some extend the media does most of the work, while anti-fascists intimidate anyone who speaks out publicly, but in most genocide situation it’s the government who stands idly by while radical activists and militants do the dirty work.

There is no need to send out rape squats if you can indoctrinate a population to create mixed race offspring (with mixed loyalties) voluntarily. In addition many women are afraid to reject the advances of people outside of their race out of fear of being labeled a racist, an accusation that can have significant negative consequences in Western society.

In summary, the article shows that under existing international law, genocide victims are not obliged to wait for foreign governments or world organizations to rescue them. According to international law genocide victims have a fundamental human right to use armed force to resist genocide. Because the prohibition of genocide is a fundamental principle of international law, any local, national, or international laws or government actions which interfere with self-defense by genocide victims are necessarily unlawful. In particular, arms control laws which may sometimes be valid may not be enforced against genocide victims or against persons who supply arms to genocide victims; enforcement would make the enforcing court or other state agency complicit in genocide.


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