Golden Dawn rally draws thousands

An estimated 30,000 supporters of Greece’s nationalist Golden Dawn party marched through Athens on February 2 to commemorate a 1996 military crisis between Greece and Turkey regarding islands in the Aegean sea which cost the lives of three navy officers.

There was, not surprisingly given the turnout, no sign of anti-nationalist activists and this is perhaps the first genuine resurgence of nationalism since the defeat of the Axis powers in WWII. Golden Dawn appears to be getting a lot of things right and continues to build its momentum. When watching the video you find yourself in a different world, a world of free men instead of the world of cowards and idiots prostrating themselves before the altar of political correctness that most of us grew up in.

Political correctness will collapse once a large enough portion of the population openly rejects it. Keep in mind that so called ‘far-right’ parties in Western Europe do not openly challenge political correctness as they claim to be anti-racist and reject European Indigenous Rights.

It looks like Golden Dawn will be the first political party openly rejecting multiculturalism that will break the 10% threshold. A democratic solution involving deportation remains impossible, so the next step in the radicalization process is the creation of a separatist party.


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