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The White Man March

For a couple of months people have been promoting and talking about the White Man March that was to take place March 15.

The end result was a couple of dozen people putting up banners and signs stating ‘Diversity = White Genocide’. Some of the banners were placed over highway crossings which seems like the most effective way to get a large number of people to see the message.


All in all it seems impossible to gear people into action of any kind, something the media enjoyed pointing out in this instance. The general discontent is there and the majority of the European population wants the mass immigration to come to an end, but there appears to be no way to affect change.

The left controls the media and most of the Internet, keeping the majority ignorant and indoctrinated. There’s a solid 5% of the population that supports the abolishment of Multiculturalism, but obviously more is needed for people to break their silence.

Hopefully there will come a day that millions will take to the streets to protest the genocide of the European peoples.