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Online Anonymity and Privacy

I’ve created a document containing a collection of tips, resources, and services that are useful to protect your anonymity and privacy, I’ll link it below.

The most important rule is to fly under the radar. Don’t reveal your identity, and don’t reveal your nationality if possible (this can be difficult if your native language is known). Finally, be prepared for your computer to be confiscated and to be prosecuted under the full extend of the law.
The following steps are important:
1) Encrypt sensitive data. 
2) Use https enabled online services.
For example, move away from services like Hotmail that do not use https, and instead use Gmail.
As observant readers may have noticed Blogspot no longer supports https, this being the case I will from now on be posting updates on the European Indigenous Rights Archive in the Announcements section.
All new posts will be announced from my Google Plus page, where you can subscribe and leave comments.

The European Indigenous Rights Movement

I know, yet another blog, but I dislike mixing everything together into one blog. If you’d like to keep track of it all it’s easiest to create a profile on Google+ and add me (Angus Thermopylae) to your circles. Then all you have to do is check your Google+ page for updates.

This blog will be primarily dedicated to the European Indigenous Rights Movement and is an attempt to avoid giving the impression that I’m making statements on behalf of the Knights Templar Resistance Movement, which will likely be declared an illegal terrorist movement when the 3rd or 4th bomb goes off.

It should go without saying that this movement supports the right of the European people to their own territories and considers self defense against genocide a basic human right.

Blog posts that are an planned are an overview of Internet services useful to our cause and a more in depth examination of the human right to resist genocide.

The Cultural Marxist movement will try to oppress any resistance to its genocidal multicultural experiment, whether it is peaceful or violent. We view the armed resistance as an inevitable consequence, and while we do not believe in a democratic solution there needs to be an ideological consensus and framework so people have a thorough understanding of the society we envision.

Our Mission Statement:


This included absolute freedom of speech, academic freedom, freedom of press, freedom of education, and parental freedom.

Separation of ideology and state.

This means the academic, and journalistic systems should be objective and independent.


The Nation is defined as one ethnic group with one language and one culture. While Ethnic Nationalism may seem totalitarian it is no less totalitarian than the nuclear family. The closer the genetic ties the less internal force is needed to keep the unit together, and in the case of a family it will generally require external force to break it up as the unit is naturally cohesive. Nations that are multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural are unstable, unhappy, and require totalitarianism and constant anti-nationalistic indoctrination to function.


A nation’s culture is defined as a shared history, language, and value system. In essence, multi-culturalism is multi-nationalism, implying divided loyalties, and ultimately a divided nation. European culture has its origins in Paganism and Christianity and will be destroyed if multiculturalism continues.


It’s impossible to have a free society without people who are willing to die to protect their freedom. We value honor, integrity, honesty, courage, and loyalty. Ethnic Nationalism strengthens these values and Nationalism is our best defense against being subjected to totalitarian rule by our own governments.


We oppose egalitarianism, with Marxism being one of the many symptoms of egalitarianism. Each human has different genes, as such two humans can never be identical, and as such they cannot be equal. Equality is a social construct, which means that if equality is to exist it has to exist by force, and we oppose totalitarianism.

Cultural Determinism

We oppose cultural determinism as promoted under Cultural Marxism and other totalitarian ideologies. Examples of cultural determinism are forcing everyone to be heterosexual, atheist, bi-sexual, religious, right handed, etc.

Gender Roles

Men and women are not equal because they are supposed to be different and complement each other in a symbiotic relationship. The removal of gender roles is unnatural and damaging to both genders. We oppose strict enforcement of gender roles as this would be an act of cultural determinism, as not every woman is womanly, and not every man is manly, though the majority will fall in those categories.


We oppose consumerism because unchecked economic growth will deplete the available natural resources for future generations. Over population is particularly damaging to the ecosystem, and subsequently mass immigration is harmful to both the European indigenous population and the European ecosystem.


We believe that a nation should be self reliant, and don’t envision being part of a global economy.


We oppose racial supremacism and do not wish to exterminate or subjugate other nations.


We believe that all rules should be ignored when our existence is threatened.