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The control of public opinion

On 22 March 2013 the EEA (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) provided 147 million Euro in grants to non-government organizations to combat online hate speech. Some of the strategies these organizations are to employ have been outlined by the European Council:

1) Contacting ISPs (Internet Service Providers) of hate sites to have the websites removed.

2) Using counter-speech to give the impression that political incorrectness is a minority opinion.

3) Manipulating search engines to favor mainstream content.

4) Flagging illegal speech.

It’s unclear if people going around on YouTube reporting videos and comments are payed government employees, but it’s clear that millions go to NGOs for exactly that purpose. An organized effort is evident when politically incorrect videos are taken down for a copyright violation because of the background music used.

Manipulating Google search results has been considered with a focus on linking to PC mainstream sites. This remains a difficult strategy and I haven’t observed any obvious incidences. There’s no real need for this practice¬†because the majority of White Nationalists still want inclusion in the mainstream, and happily link to it without ever getting a link back.

YouTube, Facebook, and major news site are a likely target for reporting comments containing hate speech. This however has proven fairly ineffective, likely because comments need to be removed within 12 hours for censorship to be effective, the large number of comments that are on the border of what is tolerated creating a slippery slope, and because people quote offensive comments which then requires more invasive censorship. As a result many news sites have removed their comment sections in recent years, or only allow approved comments.

The obvious and clearly outlined goal of the European Council is the complete eradication of political dissent.